Don't take our word for it. Check out the MANY sites on the internet that show that Coach Ben will cheat you out of money or freakout on you.

"Less than two weeks after RimRockers' first tryout in the ABA in Dallas, Texas, Bentley cited a "profanity-laced" argument about his conduct as the former owner of the South Texas Showboats in firing Benjamin Mireles, who wasn't under contract at the time of the dispute."

"The American Basketball Association (ABA), citing several owners and players within the league, reported to the Texas RimRockers that Benjamin Mireles owned money to several businesses in the city of San Antonio and to Marlon Minifee, who took over for the team and rename them the Texas Fuel.Marlon Minifee stated that players were paid with "bogus checks" by coach Mireles and forced to live under usual "living arrangements" with the players and coach Benjamin Mireles' family living under one roof at one point. This was also confirmed by former South Texas Showboats player Albert Strickland who currently plays for the Texas Fuel and several other former players of the team and current team owners and coaches in the Southwest Division of the ABA."

"WOW......THIS IS SCHOCKING!!!This guy is a real dirt bag,and he is supposed to be all about the kids.Its funny how much you can find out about someone on the internet,and you are right we dont want him around our kids!!"