Ben has MANY poorly written websites you can read. Instead of coaching he may want to enroll in a local community college and take a class. Some websites work and others don't. He has a basic model for his websites and "apps" he makes. They are free and look like crap. BTW, I've written to the "sponsors" of this team. NONE of them are really sponsors. Plus if you right click on the pictures on the "Community Service" page, you will see that all of those pictures are stolen from different colleges and community groups that have NOTHING to do with Coach Ben. He steals things to make him look good. He just took over the CBL. Two days later he couldn't afford the website. Oops. Another website he lost. Boo. How is he going to steal your money if he doesn't sign you up for his teams?

He is #1 on the PAST Scouts for Nationwide Sport Scouts: I wonder why the dumped him? Apparently Ben can't count. Here is a direct quote from his website: 

"Next Level Elite Basketballhas announced it will be the foundation for 2 Minor-League Professional basketball teams in the Orlando area. These teams have been announced as the Orlando Heroes, South Florida Spartans, and the Southeast Gladiators."

Really, counting past the number two can be confusing.