Ben Can't Coach- More stuff coming about this liar!!!! 

My favorite quote about the CEO is from his Spartan's website ( "He has also trained and coached over 1230+ players.  He has seen 6 different players go overseas in his time in the minors . . ." 6 out of 1230 is less than half of 1% (0.4% actually). Does this mean the CEO can't identify talent or that he can't promote the talent he has?

Basically Ben is "playing" basketball coach. He has moved from town to town every year since 2008. He has NO track record to speak of, though he REALLY REALLY wants to be in the sports industry. So he makes up Teams that won't last and manages leagues that will be dead in a few months so he can feel like he is doing something meaningfull in the world of basketball. All the while he is making money off of peoples dreams. 

With GOOD minor league teams already in the Orlando area, why would any of the best players go to Coach Ben or his teams. He doesn't pay as well and, as stated above, provides NO real exposure for players. Do you want a Coach that takes your money and leaves you high and dry? Go to a REAL team on a REAL league like the FBA or the CBA. The CBA has REAL apps to promote thier teams and players, not free cheap apps. They have REAL money to pay thier players, they don't bounce checks. 

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